Aerial Photography and Videography


We offer state of the art Aerial Photography and Videography services.

We supply Aerial footage for corparate events, Safari video productions, Wedding video productions, As well as promotional dvd's.


Footage can be offered in both PAL,NTSC and both high definition and standard definition format to cater for both European and American TV Standards.

Aerial Photograph of Lutzies Village Centre in Sonlandpark Vereeniging

Dji f550 hexacopter, equipped with go-pro hero3 Black edition are used for aerial photography.

Aerial Photograph taken on the Botswana border.

Crops photographed on lower altitude.

Aerial photo of Maasstroom boeredag 22 November 2013

Aerial Photo of tractors on Maasstroom boeredag 22 November 2013

Crop spraying in progress

Aerial shot of a working tractor